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Get Involved in Keeping Love Alive…

If you can give of your time and talent, please contact us at 760-736-0292 x 102, or email:

Examples of volunteer opportunities:

Transportation/Assistance to Medical Appointments  Opportunities are available on a weekly basis.  You can choose a day of the week that you are willing to transport or be placed on an on-call list.  We do ask that you be able to continue in this capacity for at least a few months, because this type of volunteer requires that you be screened (for T.B., criminal background and driving record).  Round trips may be two or three hours or several hours, depending on the location of the appointment and your availability.  Most appointments are during the regular work week.

Ongoing Volunteer or Board Member Service  If you have an area of expertise or talent, maybe YOU are exactly the person we are looking for!  Backgrounds that are particularly helpful to our organization include legal, medical or mental health, IT, marketing and construction/skilled trades.  If you feel passionate about who we are and what we do, consider putting in your resume for a position on our Board of Directors.

Paper & Dry Goods Drive  Churches, service clubs, schools and scout troops can make a big difference by hosting a paper and dry goods drive.  We are happy to provide flyers with our wish list.  Items we need include: toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, razors, shaving cream, hand soap, antibacterial hand gel, bleach, laundry detergent, all-purpose cleaner, etc.  If you use it in your own home, there’s a good chance we need it too!

Resident Outings and Activities  If you enjoy doing fun things (like going to the movies, museums, or maybe even an amusement park) and you can think on your feet, this may be the place you can best serve.  Sometimes it’s boring being sick, sitting around and watching television or reading a book; maybe a trip to a park for a breath of fresh air is all that’s needed for residents.  Note: Volunteers should not be alone with residents unless they’ve passed a criminal background check, so you would be assisting staff on outings.

Throw a Party for our Residents  Perhaps you could set aside a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday and plan a party, BBQ or something fun to do together with the residents.  It could be tied to a holiday, or something as easy as watching a football game or hosting a movie night.  You could host the party at one of our houses or we can bring a group to your church or community center.  Please discuss this ahead of time with us so we can make sure to avoid any scheduling conflicts.